ECF - project completion report

2013 ECF Project Completion Report

The Enterprise Challenge Fund Project Completion Report documents the outcomes of the pilot program from 2007 until 2013. Over the course of 6 years, the ECF held three bidding rounds, awarded A$13.352 million in grants to 24 projects that increased the incomes of 78,154 people by an estimated A$8.179 million in 3 years. This will increase in future years and it is estimated that by 2015, the full cost of the ECF program will have been converted into income for the poor.

This report looks at the activities undertaken and results achieved over the 6 years and assess key lessons and makes recommendations on future options.

Download the 2013 Project Completion Report.


report annualReport2012

2012 ECF Annual Report

“ECF funded projects are reaching people near or below the national poverty line with new or increased incomes. Poor people are learning new skills and knowledge that can further increase livelihood opportunities and chances of securing a job.”


“As at July 2012, over 50,000 poor people are benefiting from the Enterprise Challenge Fund through increased incomes and reduced costs, and this equates to A$1.5 million in annual net income for poor people.”

Read the latest results from Enterprise Challenge Fund in the Annual Portfolio Report for 2012.

Download the 2012 Annual Report here.

report annualReport2011

2011 ECF Annual Report

In the past two years, the Australian Government has provided A$9.9 million dollars in grant funding, A$11.6 million has been co-invested by the private sector.The ECF has an outreach of over 150,000 people across the Pacific and South-East Asia and an estimated 35,000 people and 970 small businesses are directly benefiting. The Enterprise Challenge Fund is an Australian Government AusAID initiative.

Download the 2011 Annual Report here.

report annualReport2010

2010 ECF Annual Report

The 2010 Enterprise Challenge Fund (ECF) portfolio totals 23 projects in eight countries in the Pacific and South East Asia. The strategic intent of the ECF now has an increased focus on the beneficiaries and the introduction of a results-chain approach to monitoring and evaluation….

ECF projects are progressing- 20 of the 23 projects are underway with infrastructure development and expansion of operations. Emerging outcomes are appearing for beneficiaries and the business environments:

Download the 2010 Annual Report here.