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About the company

Future Forests Fiji Limited (FFF) was established in 2004 with the primary aim of developing a socially and environmentally responsible teak plantation business in Fiji. Teak has been traded globally for over 200 years but no commercial teak plantations have been established in Fiji. Over the past five years FFF has successfully developed and established its plantations in Fiji with more than 55,000 teak trees planted in Ra Province on the main island of Viti Levu.

Total grant funding approved: ECF A$190,000

About the project

ECF support will enable FFF to expand its teak seedling nursery to produce 300,000 seedlings per annum. This level of production will ensure the commercial viability of the nursery operation through sales to landowners and others. FFF will also utilise landowner leases to expand the teak plantation operations.

Results December 2012

  • There are 10 men and women permanently employed in the business and 10-15 part time workers.
  • Landowners are employed to plant and in maintaining teak plantations - equivalent to 250 part time jobs with cash payments of around $A120,000 per year.
  • Teak trees have been planted on over 200 hectares of degraded or unproductive land. At present, landowners have over $A1.2 million capital in trees planted on their land. This can be secured at different stages over the next 18-20 years.
  • Seedlings have been sold to a wide range of customers.
  • Conservation International (a local non-government organization) purchased teak seedlings from Future Forests and paid between 500-600 landowners to plant and maintains plantations. All teak trees planted by these landowners remain their property and their long term value is substantial.
  • In early 2012, the company successfully launched on the South Pacific Stock Exchange raising an initial $F1.8 million (A$1 million) towards the costs of the second stage of their project – expanded plantations and a small scale plantation timber processing operation.
  • Future Forests’ expanded plantation program will scale up the contract employment benefits for landowners in different rural locations and the timber processing operation will provide employment and flow on commercial benefits for communities in the Ra province by providing a market for plantation timbers.