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About the company

Carnival Australia is a cruise company which has been operating in Vanuatu for over 75 years. It carries over 150,000 passengers to the Pacific Islands each year. Its passenger ships visit Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, on a regular basis and also calls at locations in more remote areas of the country.

Carnival Australia has an established market for stopovers in several areas of Vanuatu. However, poor facilities at the locations and the increasing size of cruise ships reduce the options for stopovers. ECF funding will contribute to upgrading these facilities, therefore, opening up a new, lucrative market for locals and Carnival Australia.

Total grant funding approved: ECF A$805,000

About the project

With the support of ECF, Carnival will improve jetty landings on Mystery Island, Wala Island and Champagne Beach, build sanitary facilities and provide fresh water supplies on the two islands. This investment in infrastructure will increase tourism and will lead to greater income generation opportunities. In addition, Carnival will provide training for the local traders in hospitality, financial management and development of local trade initiatives to maximise income generated from the increased tourist trade.

Results December 2012

  • All planned facility upgrades have been completed.
  • Calls by Carnival Australia passenger ships to the three sites increased from 36 calls in 2009 to 77 planned calls in 2013 due to increased demand for cruise holidays by Australians.
  • Locals have been trained in passenger handling and transit services.
  • Carnival Australia has also provided training and development support for tours at each site enabling a further increase in incomes for local communities. As at end 2012 these tours had not, however, been implemented.
  • Carnival Australia has changed its passenger charity donation program to focus on community projects at visited sites and will work with Save the Children to ensure effective implementation.

The benefits of this project include:

  • Substantial increased local community incomes as a result of the increased number of ship calls – average passenger expenditure at each site is over $A15,000 per call.
  • The greatest proportion of beneficiaries is women who depend on the ship calls for their family support income.
  • Increased and diversified incomes will be achieved with the introduction of tours.
  • Skills enhancement for both men and women as a result of training and technical support from Carnival Australia and other organisations.
  • Merchandise improvements and diversification is expected to increase sales of locally made products and this will have flow on benefits to other suppliers in Vanuatu.
  • Royal Caribbean has commenced calls at Mystery Island and Champagne Bay and this will enhance the benefits for local communities.
  • The lessons from the Carnival project will be useful for other cruise ship operations interested in the Pacific and equitable community outcomes.