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About the company

Didao is a locally owned diversified company that has been involved with fishing and seafood related activities for over 20 years. In 2004 the company successfully exported whole reef fish to Australia but this business ceased following the social turmoil in the Solomon Islands.

Total grant funding approved: ECF A$680,000

About the project

With the assistance of an ECF grant of $680,000 Didao will establish a processed fish export operation. Offshore reef fish will be sourced through a newly formed fishing cooperative in North Malaita and cooperative members will be supplied with technical support and equipment by Didao. A new high speed carrier boat will collect fish for transport to a new processing operation in the capital, Honiara. Fish samples will be tested to international standards in a nearby Australian Government funded laboratory.

Results December 2012

  • Significant delays in obtaining permits for the fish processing operation and visas for technicians to construct the plant, affected Didao’s progress.
  • To date, Didao has completed the fish processing facility in Honiara and obtained the carrier boat.
  • The first fishing trip was completed close to the end of 2012 to trial the operations and initial sales of fish were provided to the local market in Honiara.
  • Didao has amended the strategic plan from 2013 and rather than focus on exports, will initially sell artisanal fish in the domestic market for the first two years of the processing operations and will expand into export markets in Australia and other Pacific Island countries in the third year.
  • The supply chain arrangements that Didao is developing with the communities in Lau Lagoon will be a useful model for other ventures in the Solomon Islands. The project will reduce the pressure on, and serious threat to, inshore marine resources.