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About the company

Teamworkz is a Lao-owned business support company, whose services include an online booking platform for hotels, guesthouses and tour operators. Teamworkz sought assistance to expand their operations to include the provinces of Luang Namtha, Champasak and Xieng Khuane, where tourism potential was constrained by the absence of online information and booking services.

Total grant funding approved: ECF A$227,030

About the project

The company will use its $227,030 grant to develop websites for key tourist destinations in the selected provinces. Each website will allow users to search information on local accommodation and tour operators, as well as general information about the region, and book and pay online. The service will help to make travel and sightseeing in these provinces, and Lao PDR in general, far more accessible, contributing to increased tourism, business and income generation in more remote areas.

Results December 2012

  • Teamworkz’s internet marketing and booking service for tourism operators in three underdeveloped provinces in Laos has substantially increased booking revenues since the commencement of the ECF project.
  • With the support of ECF funding, Teamworkz developed websites and online booking services for 86 tourism businesses in the selected provinces, including province websites in conjunction with local government agencies.
  • This has resulted in close to 2,000 additional booking to rural and remote hotels - 95% of whom previously had no internet profile or marketing materials.
  • During field visits by the ECF team, almost all hotels and guesthouses that were marketing through Teamworkz reported increased growth in bookings and noted an overall increased number of tourists visiting.
  • Hotels and guesthouses were working with a larger number of online tourism providers with many also working through and
  • A number of the larger hotels had increased employment and added rooms or were in the process of construction / completion of new rooms.
  • A second online booking system has been developed in Laos modeled on Teamworkz’ success.
  • This model could be adapted in other locations where communications and marketing networks are weak; it has been showcased in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu through ECF linkages activities.