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About the company

Bright Hope Institute (BHI) is a company that has been providing tertiary education services to rural Cambodians in Kampong Chhnang Province since 2006. BHI offers practical degree courses in Rural Development, Agriculture, Eco-Tourism and Business Management and is the only tertiary institute in the province. The institute has property on which it can expand its facilities and is well located near a national highway and within the city limits of Kampong Chhnang. There are however, insufficient building facilities to take on full time students and BHI also needs to expand its base of professors and its curriculum.

Total grant funding approved: ECF A$199,300

About the project

ECF funding support will enable BHI to build new classrooms and dormitories, improve the site’s infrastructure and increase its capacity to provide higher level education for students in the province. The funding support will also allow BHI to offer partial scholarships to the rural poor and vulnerable youth in eight districts.


Results December 2012

  • Bright Hope has upgraded facilities and constructed 12 new classrooms and four dormitories. The school has now received full accreditation for its foundation year course from the Accreditation Committee for Cambodia and received approval from the Ministry of Education and Sport to open a new Faculty of Education Science. The improved facilities and equipment allowed accreditation and the new faculty. They would not have been possible without the ECF grant.

  • In 2012, 166 rural youth had received partial scholarships to study at the institute and 45 students were living in the newly constructed dormitories.
  • In 2012, Bright Hope Institute had 787 enrolled students studying full and part time – an increase of almost 400% since the ECF grant – and was generating profits. In 2011, 145 students graduated with a degree in Rural Development or General Management.
  • The Institute actively follows up how many students get jobs after graduation. In 2011, 122 of 160 graduates had employment within 6 months of graduation. Graduate students indicated that their income was US$150 per month, US$50 per month higher because of the degree.
  • Bright Hope has strong relationships with the Cambodian Ministry of Education and Sport, local authorities, international and non-government organizations and other development agencies to achieve the results for Rural Education Development and Youth Empowerment.
  • With ECF support, the Bright Hope Management Team established a development committee and implemented many projects such as Water Purification Project, Emergency Support and Livelihood Recovery, Cow bank project, Climate Change Adaptation. These projects allow students involving to practice their knowledge and build their skills and experiences.
  • The ECF / Bright Hope project has linked higher education with Rural Development, Investment rural human resource, Youth Empowerment and involve in rural poverty reduction
  • Bright Hope Institute continues to support rural youth to access higher education