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About the company

Puritau Ltd is a family run company that has been passionately involved in the agriculture sector in Papua New Guinea (PNG) since 1987 and exporting vanilla beans for 10 years. The business operates from Brisbane Australia, with farms in PNG distributing its natural vanilla products under the brand name La Laura. Puritau currently employs 11 people.

The business sells PNG grown spices to major supermarkets in Port Moresby and exports small quantities of Vanilla Beans and Pure Vanilla Extract to Australia, US, Taiwan, Japan and some European countries.

Puritau now sells its Vanilla Beans and Vanilla Extracts online from Brisbane (Australia) and the strong demand for its vanilla has required Puritau to contract various farmers around PNG to help supplement output from its farm. Over the years Puritau has been travelling around the country working with various government agri agencies and interest groups in developing their vanilla and spice farms, providing free technical support. The company is responsible in marketing PNG grown spices, developing farms and providing income directly to village farmers.

Total grant funding approved: ECF A$170,000

About the project

ECF support will enable Puritau to establish a Solvent Extraction facility at Puritau’s site in Port Moresby to produce pure vanilla extract, vanilla oleoresin and other spices. This facility, the first of its kind in PNG, will provide a larger and more reliable market for farmers in remote areas of the country. This project is geared towards opening market accessibility for remote farmers who for many years have found selling their produce an impossible task.

The project will also support the attainment of international quality standard certification. This will lead to greater export opportunities and at the same time compete in the essential oil market globally.

Result December 2012

  • The vanilla factory has been established and trial runs of vanilla production have been completed.
  • Paradise Spices has created 9 full-time jobs and employed a number of part time extension workers. It is supporting vanilla growers to improve yields.
  • 300 vanilla growers in Morobe province are supplying vanilla beans to Paradise Spices.
  • Growers have sold approximately 2.1 tonnes of vanilla beans worth K33,000 (A$15,200) to develop vanilla extracts and oleoresins. Vanilla growers on average make K660 (A$300) from selling vanilla to Paradise
  • Farmers indicate that vanilla provides good business but as the price has fallen (from the high in 2003 when there was a global vanilla shortfall) so has their interest. However, in very hot weather they like to work in the vanilla plantation as it allows them to work in the shade.
  • Paradise Spices has diversified their operations and established a successful purified water business which will expand sales significantly and support the commercial viability. To date, sales are around K100,000 (A$46,000) per year which is a significant contribution to business growth but has limited benefits to the poor.
  • The establishment of this factory, and the commercial and organised approach to vanilla growing and supply, is helping restore confidence in the vanilla industry.