The Enterprise Challenge Fund for Pacific and South East Asia

abaca20farmer20mat20i2020220 20web20sizeThe ECF was a six year (2007-2013) Australian Government pilot grant fund that provided funds directly to businesses in Asia and the Pacific. The ECF closed in October 2013.
The fund ran competitions for private sector applications offering innovative solutions to address market failures and stimulate long-term inclusive pro-poor economic growth. Businesses contributed at least 50% of the total project costs - and in most cases substantially more than 50% - and money was distributed against agreed milestones.
Over six years, $11.012 million was provided to 21 projects operating in 8 countries across the Asia Pacific, providing jobs, increased incomes and access to vital goods and services to over 78,000 people.

The ECF is now closed and we thank all our valuable stakeholders.
From 2007 - 2013, the ECF operated as an Australian Government pilot providing grant funds directly to businesses in Asia and the Pacific.

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